Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Run-hardt reunion

Last week we headed up to Colorado for the family reunion. It was tons of fun, with plenty to do... what a crazy bunch!

Play Ball!

Before heading up camping, we had a baseball tournement. Everyone joined in! Posted by Picasa
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The Boat Competition

At the Powell reunions in the past, we've always had a raft competition. This year instead we had a boat competition, where each team built a boat, and the we were awarded points for who's went the furthest. They were powered by different mechanisms (mostly rockets), and some worked better than others. Ours tied for second. Posted by Picasa
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We had a great time stopping to pick wild berries as we road up the 4wheeling trail to the lake. Posted by Picasa
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Josh had a great time on the 4wheelers, and would call out "Weeeee!" as we went along. Twice though his "Weeeees" faded as he was lulled to sleep!

Playing Bocce

Jake and I bought oursevles a Bocce Ball set on our anniversary. We took it to the reunion and it was a HUGE hit with everyone. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 14, 2006

Real Salt Lake vs. Real Madrid

So I've mentioned that we're trying to encourage the soccer passion. We even decided to go to our first professional soccer game. Josh loved it (at least the first half), and we had a great time yelling "goal"! Posted by Picasa
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It was pretty amazing to see all of these incredbile players and what they could do with their feet (and heads). Posted by Picasa

#23 is Beckham

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Balloon toss

Jake and Brea won the balloon toss at our ward activity. Posted by Picasa
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Golfing for Two!

That's right, if you haven't heard already, we're expecting baby number 2!!! My due date is February 2, 2007. Posted by Picasa

"These are the things I dream about"

Jake had so much fun taking us out golfing. It's his latest passion, and he loved sharing it with us. Posted by Picasa

Like father, like son...

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The techies

Josh loves it when Dad is around! He follows him around and wants to do whatever he is doing. Posted by Picasa

Josh with "boat"

We HAD to get josh a toy boat after Alaska, since its all he would talk about. Posted by Picasa

Cousin Bathtime

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