Friday, December 28, 2007






We were in Buena Vista, Colorado for Christmas with Jake's family. There was lots of snow, and fresh snow Christmas day- so Jake took Josh for his first sledding adventure!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007




Everyone had a great time (all the dad's had a blast too!) Here is one of my laurels, Kalee. Her birthday on Thursday- so we invited her to come celebrate with us too. And of course some new BYU Cougar shirts that have the "RRAR Cougar" on them and seem to be approved of by Josh for wearing (he's wearing the gray one as I post these).
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Happy 3rd Birthday Joshua!




For Josh's birthday we went to Chuck E Cheese's. It was so fun! Josh was so excited to blow out his candles- and Chuck Cheese came out and did a song and dance with Josh.
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Friday, December 14, 2007

What they see is what they do...

Josh is a sponge these days! He copies everything we say and do. Sometimes its a little too telling and scary. The other day I caught this little moment on camera. I just thought it was funny for some reason. And yes, this is pretty much the only shirt Josh will wear these days- luckily its pretty clean in this shot! I can hardly wait till his birthday (the 18th) so he can get his new BYU Cougar shirts.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Central Washington was devastated by a flood about two weeks ago. My family lives in the area- but luckily up on a hill where they are OK. My mom is the relief society president there and so has been very busy in disaster relief. Here is an email from her:

We had over 2,000 volunteers that came form Vancouver to Bremerton to help today. It was amazing what they were able to accomplish. There is still lots to do but it hopefully helped some victims past the overwhelmed stage and shed a ray of hope that life may be restored to normal some day. Plus the president declared it a disaster so they can now get FEMA help.

Many volunteers brought with them donations of food and clothing.There were some wonderful and sad stories that came back to us from the field.

Here is the list of items needed by the United Way needs for flood victims. Gift cards are good but you can also mail donations under "other" in a tithing envelope to our Bishop(since most all of the losses were in our ward (some in Chehalis) and he will buy gift cards here. Or, what we did for Katrina victims is donated under other to our Bishop and he wired the money or something to the Bishop of the ward we adopted and they purchased and distributed the gift cards. I'll put that address and then list the items needed.
Bishop John Henricksen
Adna Ward
198 Devereese Road
Chehalis, WA 98532

Items needed:
work gloves-large and XL
space heater
underwear for kids
warm socks
storage bins (plastic)
Rain gear
garbage bags shovels
rubber gloves
brooms, mops
garden hoses & nozzles
first aid kits

If you want to help someone TRULY in need this season- here's an opportunity!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Let it SNOW!




Saturday we woke up to lots of snow! Roxy and Josh were running around like madmen! Jake went out to show Josh how to make a snowman. Josh got cold after a bit, and so ran inside and of course changed into his favorite Cougars shirt and "fast shorts"- but we brought him back out to take a picture with the finished snowman.
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