Monday, June 23, 2008

PG Rodeo





Saturday night we went to the Pleasant Grove Rodeo with Becca and her sisters. We all had a fun time. The strawberries and cream were delicious- and Josh thought the whole thing was very cool. We were a little cramped in the bleachers though- so luckily the people in front of us were nice about us shuffeling kids around the whole time.

"Josh, what was your favorite part?"
"The SHEEP!" (at the beginning they had kids come down and try riding the sheep- Josh wished he'd been one of them!"
"What about the motorcycles?!" (I asked because that was the part that got the most reaction out of him)
"YEAH!!! VRRRROOOMMMMM, SHEEEEE, WHOOSH!" (That's 3 yr old boy for "Yes, I really liked their fast speed and cool tricks!")
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After the first week of swim lessons...


This last week the boys and I have been doing swim lessons at the Orem Scera Pool. It's a half hour Mon through Friday for two weeks. I took the picture on Friday. We came home, got them cleaned up and I put them in front of cartoons while I got cleaned up. When I came back down I found this cute scene!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

I should have some pictures to post here- but I was so busy making Jake a fabulous breakfast, putting together his favorite meal and all the rest that I just didn't get to it. Jake was very happy to take a break from Sunday meetings and spend a little extra time playing with the boys. Jake's favorite meal is our Easter dinner Leg of Lamb- which until now he's only gotten once a year. Costco had some though and so I thought why not let him have it TWICE a year!? I also made him home made mashed potatoes, gravy, and artichokes. Yummy!!!

I really am thankful for this sweet father of my children though. His boys love to wrestle and play with their dad. He is such a good example of hard work, persistence, daring to dream, being a good friend, and passion. I'm so thankful he chose ME to be the mother of his children and to be my sweet companion. We love you SWEETIE!

Monday, June 09, 2008

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Golf practice with Dad




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Daddy's taste buds




For those of you who don't know- Jake loves strong tastes; sour, spicey, vinegary, etc. One of his favorite treats is fresh limes and lemon with a little salt. Apparently Dekker's got his taste bugs- because he loved chewing this lime to the rind.
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Dekker in baby doll stroller




Dekker climbed into our naeighbors baby doll stroller the other day- and I couldn't believe he fit! He climbs on everything these days- which is how he ended up giving me the scare of his life on Saturday when he fell (while climbing on a stool) and bit through his tongue. Yeah, the story is a long one- but the good news is that he seems to be healing well.
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