Friday, October 31, 2008

"To infinite and beyond!"



Josh love telling everyone he was Buzz and quoting the famous line- and at the ward Halloween party when they asked him what he wanted painted on his face he very wisely chose a spaceship!
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Next week will be boring




Because this week has been packed full of fun! With Halloween parties at church, at preschool, and then tonight trick or treating... plust Thursday night we took Josh to Chuck-E-Cheese as a reward for filling up his chore chart, and then this morning after dropping Jake at the airport (He went to Colorado for his yearly high school buddies trip and the CSU/BYU game)I took the boys to the Discovery Museum! I'm lucky I have such cute, sweet boys, and so I don't feel too bad spoiling them like this once in a while.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Da Pumpkins


Last night we finally carved pumpkins. I guess with all the warm weather its a good thing we didn't carve them too much earlier. Josh's on the far left is my favorite I think. He drew the face and Jake helped him carve it (and added teeth to the smile)- I just love the asymetrical face witht he cool eyebrows!
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Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point





Going here during the Halloween season has become a tradition. This year Josh just LOVED the peddle cars and pillow jump. We also had fun with the pig races, rubber duck races, mazes, cow-train, etc. We went with the Barrands and the boys had lots of fun! We decided to try all the crazy food offered at events like hand-dipped foot long corn dogs, curly fries, fried PB&J and fried pickles! Yeah- we weren't feeling so good later. FYI though- the fried PB&Js are actually pretty dang tasty!
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Monday, October 27, 2008

When cousin McKyla comes to town...



Jake's brother Rick is in the process of applying for medical schools. He came down a while back when they were flying out to Iowa from the SLC airport for his first interview, and this last week they came to town when he had his interview at the UofU (a top pic- and he nailed the interview!). Josh and Dekker both love having their cousin McKyla around to play with, and we had fun visiting with Rick and Jen!
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Our new fence



We recently tore down our old cedar fence along the backside of our property and had a new CreteCo fence put in. Our house backs up against a pretty busy road, and our old fence was really falling apart. So we decided to bite the bullet and get a fence that should last a long time, help with sound reduction, and protect our yard/kids.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The last of the harvest





About two weeks back I copied my friend Heather's idea and took the boys to a "you pick farm" in Payson to pick raspberries and black berries. It was a cool farm and the boys had fun picking (okay- Dekker mostly EATING) berries. Before the first frost this last weekend I went and picked all the last tomatoes, squash, onions, and peppers from my garden. Realizing I hadn't documented our peach and garden harvests this year I took some quick picks of my last overflowing basket... but not paying much attention didn't notice I'd left my camera setting on manual, and so later found them to be too overexposed *sigh*... But we did enjoy our garden and peaches this year and are very sad to see them gone!
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This summer really has cruised by! I don't know who's Jeep this was parked in our cul-de-sac, but when Josh parked his Diego Jeep right next to it I had to take a pic. Josh has very much loved his outside playtime this summer- and so have I. Guess I'd better hurry and get him back into gymnastics for some "energy expelling time" during the cold months.
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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Last night


Jake and I saw THIS band last night at the E-center. They put on an AWESOME show! Just when I was beginning to think I was too old for a concert, these guys proved me wrong. Its amazing to think they've been around for so long- and continue to have fun and make some good hits. Their probably the best definition of a "geek band"- but for geeks- they sure are cool.

Angels and Airwaves opened for them and sounded pretty good as well.
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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"Not family pictures?!?!"





Despite my best efforst this seems to be everyone's complaint when the photoshoot time arrives! Luckily our photographer (Brea) is in the family and so may be willing to try again in a week or two to get some more family shots- because what you see in these photos here is how most of the shoot went. We do have one good family shot, and a few of 1-2 of us seperatly to work with though as well... so I'm holding back on releasing those to the public for now...
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The little stinker




Dekker is usually our sweetheart- but of course on pictures day he decided he did NOT want to cooperate! Brea STILL managed to get a couple cute ones of him though. Jake and I LOVE the middle one because it is such "a Dekker face"- he makes this face all the time when he comes up to you with something to say.
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