Saturday, December 27, 2008




It stayed nice enough that Josh was able to find a driveway and sandwalk clear enough to test out his new bike! I did some shopping in the morning, and in the evening we took the boys to see BOLT.
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Christmas Evening





Later I worked in the kitchen with my nice new knife set and other kitchenware to make leg of lamb and other fixings for Christmas dinner, which we were happy to share with our friends the Barrands. It was such a fabulous day!
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Christmas day




Later we watched Kung Fu Panda and got things cleaned up a little, then we all bundled up and headed to a nearby park to take advantage of all the falling snow and do some sledding. I only got one picture because it really was coming down hard, and Dekker HATES being bundled and in the snow- so I ended up back in the car watching CARS with him after just a few minutes. Dekker was cute at home though a couple of times during the day while Everyone else was watching a movie or playing games I'd realize he was missing and go upstairs and find him quietly going through his stash of new toys and just playing quietly by himself!
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Christmas morning





This was our first year doing Christmas at home (okay- we also did it at home the year Josh was born- Dec. 18th- but my Mom was here and it was special circumstances so I'm not sure it counts). Anyway, our friends the Barrands were doing their firs year by themselves too- and since there Vegas plans were cut a little short due to weather forcasts- we invited them to come and spend it with us.

Every year for Christmas my Dad and Stepmom send us these WONDERFUL frozen french pastries made by a French Chef friend of theirs. Normally we have them New Years Day morning because we're somewhere else for Christmas- but now that we're doing Christmases at home we thought it'd be a fab tradition to have them with Hot Chocolate Christmas morning- Yummy!!!

Next of course, was lots of presents opening both playing with, and trying on all the new stuff. Santa sure knew how to keep everyone happy; both Sam and Josh got bikes, Kung Fu Panda, and a couple of other toys the same!

With a few new cars, trucks and trains Dekker was in heaven.
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Dear Santa,


Josh and Dekker's letters and treats left out Christmas Eve. Note- I asked Josh what he wanted to leave for Santa and he quickly responded, "Gingerbread Men!" and so we did some baking. Not sure where this kid picks everything up- but he does.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lots of snow!




Jake's brother Rick spent some time with us on his way out to California. He was here for the big snow storm and helped Josh make a snow family. It was one of those days where you just couldn't keep up with the shoveling. One of our neighbors has a plow he hooks up to his four-wheeler- and so he cleared out our cul-de-sac- very nice of him- but I watched him doing it and new he had a fun time in the service!
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Ors and Orn


Josh's Aunt Brea and Uncle Tom gave him two fish for his Birthday which he quickly named Ors and Orn. Unfortunatly this morning we found Orn floating at the top of the bowl... I quickly disposed of him before Josh saw him. When he asked me where the other one went? I wasn't quite ready with a response, "Oh, did he dissapear? Maybe we'll have to go buy another one." Josh didn't seem too upset and just said, "Hm. I think he's in the car."
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Josh is 4!




Josh's Birthday was yesterday. We made his day special by letting him watch cartoons in the morning, taking him to McDonald's (with a play space) for lunch, letting him watch Wall-E in the afternoon, making pizza for dinner, and having ice cream cake and presents with a few close family/friends. He was happy all day long- singing to himself and reminding me he's "still Josh" every time I called him "my big 4 year old".
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Josh LOVES the snow... Dekker not so much


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Friday, December 12, 2008

What's your favorite Christmas song?

I never really participate in Tags and that sort of thing- but I thought of this one on my own. This is my very favorite Christmas song- traditional and not. If you have a favorite let me know; post a comment, create your own post on your blog, or send me an email- I'd love to know what it is.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Polar Express





We went up to the Heber Valley Railroad to ride the "Polar Express". The boys LOVED it- especially Josh who is already asking to go again. They got cookies and hot chocolate, sang Christmas carols, read the story of the Polar Express and saw Santa! It really was a lot of fun.
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Tender Mercies


After Jake's family left, many from my family came to be here to support my aunt and uncle who lost their son Eric. Though certainly difficult, there were many tender mercies surrounding this passing. Eric's Father, Mother, and sister all had sweet last days with him before his sudden passing, and the unity that was felt as the family gathered was truly special.
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After a Sunday with no nap.

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My first time hosting Thanksgiving



I was so busy getting food ready that I didn't take many pictures. The turkey turned out fabulous, and the rest of the meal was pretty good too. Almost all of Jake's family was here for the weekend. It was busy and fun. Shopping, Jump On It, Bowling, golfing, frisbee golf, movies, cards games, etc. I'm pretty sure some of them got some pics that I didn't- so maybe I'll have more for ya later.
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The kids' table

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