Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Common Ocurrance



This is one of my favorite things that Dekker does. I often find him stretched out on his belly just looking through a book (and yes, it is usually a Thomas the Train or Cars one).
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Monday, January 12, 2009

All the loot




Between CARS, Wall-E, Thomas and planes the kid had quite the collection of new stuff. He spent time with each new toy though, and of course, being my OCD child - mostly had fun lining them all up and sorting them by color, type, running them through the tracks and train station and then reorganizing them all again. I think he should be pretty set for a long while!
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Cake and Candles




Dekker turned TWO YEARS OLD today!!! I can hardly believe it. He loved blowing out the candles- in fact I think he ended up blowing them out at least 3 times.
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Monday, January 05, 2009

Karina's back!

I snagged these from my mom's Facebook page. One of Karina getting back, and one of Mom with all her kids.




My brother Brian is in town this week (and LOVING all the fresh snow in the mountains) and so I caught a shot of him and Dekker here. My mom and stepdad were here for New Years and the welcoming home of my sister Karina (who's been on an internship at DisneyWorld the last four months). I'll have to snag some of my mom's pics though because I failed to take any (my head is hung in shame)!
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BYU Basketball fan





Jake took Josh to the BYU basketball game on Saturday and came back with this jersey and one very PUMPED boy. Josh immediatly pulled out his hoop & ball, got in his "uniform" and performed slam dunk after slam dunk off of the couch! And look at those faces!!!
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