Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday




Jake's brother Rick stayed with us Easter Weekend. We had our traditional Easter dinner which consists of Rosemary and garlic leg of lamb, red mashed potatoes with homemade gravy, asparagas, and this year we added Williams' orange rolls which has been requested to continued on the menu. It was very tasty, and after there was relaxing and of course... a little Easter Candy.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Can you see that my cherry tree is trying to bloom under all that snow?!
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Dekker rocking out!


This is the Mr. Potato Head microphone- you should hear Dekker "sing"!
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Decorating Easter Eggs



We tried "tie die" eggs this year. Messy- but lots of fun!
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009




We've been nurturing a few new things around here lately- if you haven't noticed yet, look at the ticker to the right! We are so excited for baby #3 that we're announcing it ALREADY. Also, as pictured here- we're attempting to grow dwarf lime and lemon trees. Jake LOVES limes and lemons and has been wanting to try for some time- and I love the pretty little plants, and can't wait for fresh citrus cents!
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Grandma Chris and Papa Denny were in town last week. It was SO NICE to have them around. Between date night, eating out, and Mom's cooking I don't think I had to cook dinner once! Josh and Dekker adore them. This was the one shot I took while they were here (I've been SO BAD lately). Conference nap time for Josh.
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