Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day




The day started off good with one of Jake's favorite breakfasts- omelets with sauteed zucchini and hasbrowns and some cards/crafts from the boys. The it ended well with one of his favorite dinners- crusted rack of lamb, artichokes and baked potatoes.

I'm so thankful that Jake is such a great father to our two boys who love him SO MUCH! I'm also very grateful for (and made a point to call) the great men in my life who have been good examples of love and kindness!
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Girls' Night Out




For my Birthday this year I wanted a girls' night in Park City. The weekend after my Birthday we'll be gone to Yellowstone, and next weekend Jake has ward youth conference, so we ended up doing it this Friday/Saturday. It was kinda short notice- so we didn't have a very big group- but we had LOTS of fun. We stayed at a condo right by The Canyons and it had a nice clubhouse (we relaxed at the hot tub), ate pizza and other snacks, played games, watched chick flicks, and did pedicures. Saturday after breakfast we went shopping at the outlets before going out for lunch and then heading home. In this last picture Brea is "breakdancing" in order to beat her last "challenge" and win "Would you rather...?"
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Dairy Days



Friday, after swim lessons, I took the boys to meet up with Marcia, Sam and Lucas at "Dairy Days" up at Thanksgiving Point. It was at the petting zoo, but Meadow Gold was sponsoring ice cream making, butter making, chocolate milk and ice cream bar samples and other fun activities in addition to all the animals, carriage ride and other fun things that are always there. I don't know why I haven't taken the boys up there yet this year- Dekker LOVED seeing all the animals and being able to pet some of them. It really was a lot of fun!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On his bike with no training wheels

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No Training Wheels!

Josh learned to ride his bike without training wheels yesterday! I'm incredibly impressed because I was EIGHT before I learned to ride without training wheels. In the video he's riding his friend Lexi's bike because hers is a little smaller and easier- but in the stills I show that he can ride his as well! Also, in the video I say June of '08 instead of '09... just another testament of how fast time is flying for me these days! I wish I could have got a better shot of his face- he's so serious and focused!

No Training Wheels from Jaime Runyan on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Playing together



People ask me all the time if these two play together well. To be honest, though they run around together all the time it seems like most of the time they're whining and fighting about something the other one is doing. They are getting better all the time though. This morning they played with cars and blocks together for a long time- and tonight when I was putting away laundry I walked into Josh's room to find this scene. So they certainly are still learning to share and compromising, but they're making progress!
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June already?!




With no preschool, tball camp canceled, and swim lessons yet to start I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with these boys' energy. The other day we packed a picnic and went to a park up the canyon. Then we sat by the river for a long time throwing rocks into the cool water. It might be hard keeping up with them- but I love their energy and imaginations!
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