Friday, July 31, 2009





Dekker's hair was getting pretty thick and moppy- so I thought I'd try going beyond the "bowl cut". He looks so different- and grown up that I'm still not so sure how I feel about it!
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Thursday, July 16, 2009




After fighting over a cape that one of the neighbors had I put in a request to Grandma Chris- and she came through in RECORD time. The capes arrived yesterday- and the boys haven't been without them yet. At night/naps I wrap Dekker's around his bear's neck so that he'll be okay not wearing it. The two have been playing so well together the whole time- and if they start to misbehave all I have to do is threaten to take away their cape. These are fabulous on so many levels! Oh- and the reverse to a balck and yellow batman cape- but so far all I've seen is Superman!
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It's a....



The consensus was girl....

and the consensus was...

RIGHT! We're excited for little Naomi Christine!
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Friday, July 10, 2009

A better photographer!

Remember my previous post about our Yellowstone trip? Well, luckily we have a much better photographer in the family. PLEASE go to her site and check out some FABULOUS photos that better document the trip. She also has a link to her professional photo site that has some BEAUTIES as well.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Boy or Girl? What do YOU think?!?!

One more week till we have the ultrasound appointment and get to find out if we have another boy on the way, or a girl this time. Respond to this post with your guesses as to what were having!! I’ll include a few past and present pregnancy notes that may or may not influence your votes.

Pregnant with Josh:
- Never felt sick due to the pregnancy at all- although I did have a slightly higher gag reflex.
-Cravings: Sundried tomatoes
-Things the baby did not like me to eat: Really didn’t have any aversions- but certainly noticed bad smells a lot more!
-What we were hoping for: Jake- girl Me- boy
-What we thought we were having: Jake- boy Me- boy
-Names picked out: Girl-Bella Christine. Boy- Joshua Daniel

Pregnant with Dekker:
- Felt slightly sick on and off during the days from about 8 weeks to 12 weeks never ran to the toilet.
-Cravings: Nothing super specific- but loved to munch on sweets and tomato sauces/pizzas
-Things the baby did not like me to eat: Milk at first- but again noticed bad smells a lot more!
-What we were hoping for: Jake- boy Me- boy for Josh, girl for me!
-What we thought we were having: Jake- girl Me- girl but this time the feeling wasn’t as strong for either of us. We mostly based it off the fact that I had gotten sick, but wasn’t w/Josh.
-Names picked out: Girl-Weren’t really sure…Eden, Jacey Boy- Dekker James, Titus Bradley

This pregnancy:
- Felt slightly sick on and off during the days from about 4-15 weeks WORSE at nights. Actually ran to the toilet a 3-4 times.
-Cravings: Costa Vida, pickled carrots, eggs.
-Things the baby did not like me to eat: Sweets up till week 11. Eggs after an overdose of them.
-What we are hoping for: Jake- girl Me- girl Josh- girl
-What we guess we are having: Jake- boy Me- girl Josh-girl
-Names picked out: Girl-Naomi Christine ? Boy- Titus Bradley

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Costume competition

The theme this year was freedom. A Runhardt reunion wouldn't be complete with out some crazy competitions- here are a few pics from the costume competition. We came out dancin' and singing to "American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz.


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Treasure Hunt




This year we incorporated more kid activities for the growing gang of little ones. Here they are on the one I was in charge of- a treasure hunt!
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A better photographer...

...might be able to capture Yellowstone and all it's wonders, but not me. It really is a unique place with a richness of variety of all that this world contains.

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