Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Night


The boys were SO excited. They both did pretty well. I told them I'd let them go as long as they wanted- I'm guessing we ended up hitting about 25 houses before they were ready to come home. I love me little Spidermen!
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Preschool Halloween Parade & Program




Thursday was Josh's preschool parade. They invited siblings to dress up and join the parade- but Dekker joined on in with the program too. He hadn't practiced the songs and mostions- but did pretty good at keeping up just by watching the other kids! During the parade Josh had borrowed another kid's "sword" and ran around chopping people- with his mask and theatrics he even made one of the other kids' younger brother cry! Oops. Guess its all part of the Halloween BOO, right?!
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ward Halloween Party





This was last night- and it was pretty crazy. The gym was being used by another ward- so we were shutteling kids through the hallways to different rooms for activities and it was nuts! The kids all loved it of course. I tried to get a picture of Josh eating a doughnut from a string... When we got home Josh immediatly dumped out his stash and picked one to gobble up. Dekker on the other hand lined his up by size and counted and looked over them before deciding on one! I thought it was pretty funny- so I took pictures to document their different personalities.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Naomi's room




Okay- it's really hard to get picture of this room to show what it really looks like- but this will give you an idea. There are actually white dotted circles on the wall as well as the darker teal if you look carefully. The colors get really washed out but they're light teal (the wall color is actually pretty dang close to the background of my blog page), brown, white and pink. I LOVE my new microfiber rocker and recliner - it will be put to good use. I sometimes go in and just sit and look through all the soft girl stuff!
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Picture #5


Apparently I can only post 5 pictures at a time from Picassa- and I'm too lazy to totally change my last post....
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Baby GIRL Shower





Saturday was the fun event.
Picture #1- Me and my cousin Kate who is due Nov. 6th. She gave me the adorable tu-tu (not sure how you spell that) and hair bow for Naomi's announcement pics! (she also helped with Nat with a game and refreshments)
Picture #2- Me and my cute sister Karina with gifts sent from my Mom (We missed you Mom- but you were there in spirit!)
Picture #3- With Becca and Carolynn who made this beautiful "texture" quilt that I LOVE!
Picture #4- With my cousin Natalie who was so sweet to host put together and host the event!
Picture #5- With Marcia- who is so much shorter, and obviously skinnier than me that I insisted we sit down so I didn't look AS much the giant next to her! LOL!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Josh and Dekker quotes

The boys were cracking us up the other night!

1. We were all in the car heading to a friends' and Jake was driving. He was getting frustrated with the driver in front of him and said outloud, "COME ON BEAVIS!". Josh quickly asked, "You know his NAME?!"

2. On the way home we drove past the Lehi Mink farm (VERY stinky.
Jake: "WOA! It STINKS!"
Josh: "Yeah- I think it's Dekker!"
Dekker: (slightly delayed reaction) "No! No, me! I think Josh!"

3. Monday night there was a HUGE storm in the middle of the night and it was RIGHT over our heads booming and flashing. It woth both Jake and I up, and then a few minutes Dekker came in and in a very worried voice told us "Monsters outside! Rain and monsters!" We explained that what he was actually hearing was thunder- but we still let him climb in and snuggle with us till it was all over.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Maternity photos





Brea was so sweet to take some maternity shots of me last week, as well as some of the boys. We ended up only having about a half hour to shoot- but still walked away with some awesome shots. Sorry for the picture overload- I have the hardest time picking my favorites!
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Boys and baby/Mom



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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Preschool Field trip- Pumpkin Patch




Dekker and I volunteered to go with Josh's class on their field trip to a nearby pumpkin patch today. The kids all had lots of fun. Dekker's eye is scratched from a little too much wild and crazy "Duck, duck, goose" the other night (he was running and fell and knocked himself on the piano bench).
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