Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zion National Park




This last Wednesday we headed down to St. George as a family. Jake had a work appointment Thursday morning and was supposed to play in a Softball tournament Friday and Saturday- so we figured we'd make a fun family trip out of it. Unfortunatly it rained/snowed almost the whole time, so the tournament was canceled and Thursday evening we got a call from our neighbors who were taking care of Roxy saying that a pipe had broken and our basement was flooded (fortunatly they caught it really fast and so the damage is MUCH less than it could have been). Needless to say we ended up coming home early (Friday instead of Sunday). We did make it out to Zion National Park though, even if just to drive the scenic loop. It was breathtaking in all the snow and clouds. The boys even got out for just a bit to do a little exploring- Naomi and I stayed warm and dry in the car.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2 months old!

22.75" long (68%tile)
10.56 lbs (44%tile)
She only wakes up once a night and I thank whoever invented these baby wraper things since she really doesn't sleep as well without one.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Christmas Moments




And though at times it seemed to be all CHAOS... there were moments of sweetness as well!
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Christmas Morning




Josh woke us up early (thus the yawn)! But he and Dekker were so excited it was too cute to be mad, and they really were thankful and sweet through it all.
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So I'm finally doing a little posting about Christmas! Christmas Eve we picked up my Grandpa Bybee (95!) and took him to see the lights at Temple Square. As we were leaving Grandpa told us he really enjoyed it, especially since he'd never been to see them before! I guess we all just expected he'd been! Josh and Dekker thought the lights were pretty cool too!
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Dekker's Bday Highlights





Dekker was so excited it was HIS Birthday yesterday. We did pizza, ice-cream cake, and presents here. Josh was also really cute about it. He made a card for him to go with his present to Dex, and was helping clean up the house and told Dekker, "You just sit and relax!" while he did. Dekker was really excited to open presents and had a hard time getting play time in with each one before bed. We let him stay up later than usual in order to do so.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Documenting Cuteness


I took this picture just because I thought she looked so cute all dressed up on Sunday. As a side note- Yes, her eyes are currently blue. Yes, Josh's were light until between 9 months and a year when they turned light brown. Yes, Dekker's were light too, and have stayed a "slate" gray. Only time will tell what hers will do.
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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Blessing and Smiles





Today was Naomi's blessing day. Jake gave a beautiful blessing for our beautiful little girl. Garrett and Tom both stood in the circle along with our Bishop, Rory Ward, and Jeramiah Adams (who are good friends of Jake). Kari, Brea, and Becca were able to be there for the blessing as well.
My mom and I worked on the dress together. I "designed" the dress, and my mom sewed it when she was here. My mom found the lace tacked an old pillow case at my Grandma's condo. We're still trying to determine if the lace was made by my great-grandma, or great-great-grandmother. Either way, I thought it added a neat story.
These are also some of the first smiles caught on camera. She smiles and coos more and more all the time, and I just can't get enough of it!
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Papa Ger



My dad came and spent Christmas with us this year. He was able to meet Naomi and spend lots of time with the boys. It was so nice to have him here!
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