Friday, March 26, 2010

A great way to help

My brother Garrett has recently gotten involved with this non-profit organization. It's similar to the idea of the Perpetual Education Fund, but allows the individual the ability to select who their money goes to and follow their progress. Check out the info below:

Vittana is a non-profit microfinance organization that makes it possible for students in developing countries to get student loans so they can attend college. At, you can lend toward a student’s education (as little or as much as you can). When the student graduates, they repay the loan and Vittana returns your money. It’s simple. Join the growing BYU lending group (part of the community) and make a loan that will change a student’s life.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Growing up

They're all growing up so fast! I had to take both Josh and Naomi to the pediatrician yesterday. Josh for KINDERGARTEN immunizations, and Naomi for her FOUR MONTH checkup. Naomi weighed in at 12.3 lbs (20%) and measured 24.1" long (43%). She is rolling over, laughing, and pulling toys to her mouth.
Josh is 36.4 lbs (13%) and 42.5" tall (30%)- so maybe still on the small side for his age, but sure seems to be growing to me! He loves to read, learn, and play games - you should see him play Battleship and Memory. He won big points this morning when he said: "Mom, I like preschool. And I like Kindergarten. And I like YOU the best Mom. No one is better than you!" He didn't even ask me for anything right after that!
Dekker is growing too. He started gymnastics in February and can hardly wait for preschool in the fall! He and Josh really do love each other, even if they like to taunt each other now and then.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Cousin Luke




Second cousin Luke came over today. It's only the second time these two little ones have met, but being only about one month apart they're bound to be good friends. The pictures are here to show it!

Naomi learned to roll over from her back to her tummy today and was repeating her new trick all day. SO EARLY compared to my boys. She's growing up so fast I can hardly believe it!!!
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For Christmas I gave Jake a day of kiteboarding lessons- which he was finally able to cash in on Saturday. We packed up the car and all headed out to mile marker 14 past Fairview. The kids and I camped out in the car for the first half of the day (Josh got to do a little sledding, Dekker chose not to) so that I could document the event. Jake said he had a blast (despite the sunburnt face- doh!). He said that having flown stunt kites in the past really helped him out. The first half of the day was just learning the gear and kite. The second half of the day he got three runs in actually strapped on his snowboard and everything. No the last picture isn't him- but it's so you can get an idea of the end goal.

Josh had some skiing lessons on Friday as well- so it was all good timing since Utah got hit with lots of powder Friday morning. Josh LOVES the snow and skiing.
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