Monday, April 26, 2010

Moab Car Show

Now I'm not a HUGE car fanatic or anything- but the car show was really cool! We went to the park during the day to see them on display and under their hoods. Then at night we went to watch them cruise up and down Main Street, revving their engines, showing off hydraulics and a few with neon lights. Jake of course was drooling over the Shelby Cobras that were there (his dream car).

Moab Trip

While the boys were at cousin camp we went and spent a few days camped in an RV at Moab. It was the perfect weekend to be there- not to hot, not too cold, and the car show was in town as well. We had a blast hiking, sight seeing, Jake went biking, seeing the car show and golfing. I think we just might make it an annual event!

Cousin Camp

On Wednesday we met Jake's dad in Grand Junction where they picked up Josh and Dekker and took them the rest of the way back to Buena Vista for Cousin Camp. This is the first "cousin camp" event, but the grandparents want to make a tradition of taking groups of cousins to their homes for a few days and doing all kinds of activities and memory making. Josh and Dekker were SO EXCITED to go and play with Dallin, Kylie, Cadence, and Riley. They had fun with the grandparents too! The theme for this one was "Where the Wild Things Are" and the boys were full of smiles and fun stories when we met up with Jake's Mom to pick the boys up on Sunday.

5 Months

Naomi turned 5 months on the 20th and I can hardly believe it.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a mellow Easter Weekend. Truth be told, Josh was the only one not sick, and Naomi and Jake were both pretty miserable. We made the best of it though. The boys had fun hunting for eggs Saturday morning, we enjoyed watching conference, and Sunday night we had our traditional leg of lamb dinner (Garrett and Kari joined us). I'm very thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself for us. His atonement and resurrection offer comfort, strength, and hope.