Monday, August 23, 2010

9 months

This little girl was nine months in the womb, and has now been out nine months as well! We sure do love our little girl. She is busy, busy pulling up on furniture and walking along anything she can grab onto. She can feed herself Cheerios and the like. She recently will also try and Mimic "Hi" and each of our names. "Mama" and "Dadad" comes through pretty clear. Dekker is more of a "DE. De." and Josh is just "JSH!" but we love it. And of course, the stats from her check up:
Length: 27.2" (39%)
Weight:16 lbs (7%)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Because its tradtion....

We gotta get a "crazy face" shot. And then Nana and Papa with the kids... kinda has to end up being a bit crazy.

Family pics

I bit wind blown, and a bit squinty, but I still think we're a pretty cute bunch!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


This year the theme was "Runhardt Olympics". We always have competitions, but this year we did lots of "minute to win it" games and it was lots of fun. The big competition this year was bridge building with 200 popsicle sticks and a bottle of Elmer's glue. Most all of the bridges held over 200 lbs (sorry Brea and Tom), and our won by holding over 320! And of course there was lots of boating, beach,eating, game playing, pool, tennis, and hanging out as well.

The next generation

I think reunions are most important for these little ones. Creating memories that will strengthen the family ties between them. When we all get together there are more and more of these little ones all the time. It can be crazy- but lots and lots of fun. Oh- and please note that the raspberry shortcake was made with fresh local raspberries- as we were there at the lake over Raspberry Days.

Stollen reunion pics

I snagged some pics from Brea's blog to document some more from the reuion at Bear Lake. Here are pics of where we stayed, and group shots in our reunion shirts. We actually got dressed nice and did nice family pics this year too- I can't wait to see them.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Seriously good wedding photos

Okay- so my brother Garrett just gave me the link to the highlights their photographer posted from their wedding and they are SERIOUSLY AMAZING, SWEET, INCREDIBLE! So check them out:

I've seen some good photography in my lifetime, and these are really up there with some of the best wedding shots I've seen.

3 Girl Cousins

Oh yeah- I also got a few of these cuties together. Naomi at 8 months, Chloe at 14 months, and Baylie at 10 months.

Bear Lake

We went to Bearl Lake this year for the anual "Bernhardt Reunion". I think this was my favorite one yet. I'm relying on all of Brea's wonderful pictures that are surely soon to come to document it all- since the only pics I took are the three following once that I took with my phone. So, like I said- I'll have more to come- but to give you a taste of what we enjoyed....

Garrett & Racheal

Naomi and I flew up to Washington so I could be at my brother Garrett's wedding. Their quick courtship, engagement, and the wedding took us all a little bit by surprise, but when you consider that Garrett and Racheal met at a WA EFY 8 years ago and have maintained a friendship ever since, and when you see how just dang cute they are together, you begin to understand how something so long in the making could move so fast once the timing was right. We are super happy to welcome Racheal into the fam and I'm really glad to have them close by for the next year at least!