Monday, November 22, 2010


She loved her gifts. She bestowed kisses on some, enjoyed ripping the paper off of others, and had fun checking out everything she received. She loved being the center of attention too; at the end evening she started doing this pose where she'd lay her head to one side and give a huge grin- real flirtatios like. We love you Naomi!

The cake

The Red Velvet with cookies and cream ice cream and chocolate gnash frosting is tradition until they start asking for something different. It was a hit of course. She loved it. And the sugar gave her enough of a "high" to be sweet and smily for present time despite her cold and not feeling 100%.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Family pictures

I love Stephanie Nielson's blog. Not too long back she posted this:

Such a sweet perfect family moment. Maybe a bed, set up in the wilderness and a promise of a pillow fight would create such a sweet peaceful scene for our bunch too. But my guess is not. See, I think I failed to mention that my dad was here for a weekend towards the end of October. I thought I would get my dad to take some family pictures for us. Unfortunately it rained pretty much the entire time he was here. At one point we thought we'd catch a break in the rain, and so got everyone dressed and ready (quite the feat), and loaded into the car, and drove to our chosen location, only to find complete downpour upon arrival. Once we got home we thought we'd open the windows and doors in our front room and see if we couldn't make do. By we I mean me and my dad. No one else seemed to think it was a good idea.

So I'm sharing with you a bit of how it went... for laughs if nothing else. I love my family. I do.

Oh, and my dad did catch some awesome individual ones somehow (which I'll share at a later date)- but as you can see from my new header- a good group shot was not to be!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Teaching Josh to bob for apples...

He eventually got it, after watching three adults, changing into his swimsuit, and getting a more shallow bowl. It was tons of fun!