Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garcia wedding

We went to Jesus and Bryn's wedding this last weekend. They had a sort of Southern-vintage theme that was put together so nicely! It was beautiful and fun!!! We are so happy for them!

Finally did some boating

We're so happy we're starting to consistently have summer weather for summer boating!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Playing in the water

We shared a camp spot with Nana and Papa, who had a motor home for when it got too hot- but really, the best way to cool off was to get in the water!

Hanging with family

Jake's extended family reunion was in Page, AZ this year. We decided reconnecting with family was also a good excuse to take the family camping and check out a new part of Lake Powell.

Naomi usually takes a while to warm up to new people- but she ran up to Grandpa Brewer and wouldn't leave his arms for a very long time. I think that made Grandpa's year!

Leah brought her three kids too- so the cousins had a blast running around together. Especially trying to catch lizards, and fishing with Jake and Papa.

Panguitch Lake

We decided to break up the trip down to Page a little and check out Panguitch Lake. We stayed at the Bear Paw Mini lodge resort. It was a perfect way to start our weekend of camping, because we had a cute little cabin with plumbing and beds, yet were right by the lake and had our own fire pit and pic-nic table. We cooked sausages for dinner and Smores for dessert. Oh- and of course, Jake took the boys fishing at the lake.

Fishing, T-Ball, Golfing, OH MY!

Summer is here! The weather hasn't been as warm/hot as usual- but school is out and so are we. Memorial Day Jake had told the boys he'd take them fishing, unfortunately it was raining. When the boys saw a break in the rain they dragged us out the door. We took them up American Fork Canyon and found snow and hail towards the top. The weather was improving a little though, so undaunted, the boys bundled up and went down to the lake while Naomi and I hung out in the car. They both caught fish and didn't complain at all! What troopers. When the weather is decent and we have a free evening- it's over to the golf course to hit some balls. Oh and both T-Ball and Coach-Pitch have started up, so we have games and practices too. Luckily, there's usually a play ground nearby for the others to play at while one is practicing!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Saying goodbye...

Then we had to say goodbye to the water, goodbye to a catered life aboard the ship, and head back to the real world... but much happier, relaxed, and memory filled for sure!

Girls will be girls!

After lunch, on the other side of the island (not so shark inhabited) we snorkeled out to a floating dock. Heather may or may not have snuck in a back flip, even though a certain life-guard told her not to, and that same life guard told me I couldn't take the conch shell I found out of the water, and he may have even had to tell us to get out of the water and on to the last boat back to our cruise ship... Yeah, those were just SOME of our stories from this trip!


Our second "port" was Royal Caribbean's private Island, CoCoCay. We walked all the way around to the quiet back side of the island, where we spent most of our day. We pulled our lawn chairs into the water and relaxed... until we saw a three foot shark, and a sting ray swimming around us!


We most of our time at Nassau at the Atlantis Resort- which is BEAUTIFUL and immaculately maintained. We went down every water slide possible I think- including the famous drop that then shoots you through a tube in a shark tank and spits you out the other side. My favorite was their tube floating river ride, with both "lazy" sections and RAPIDS! We also went to one of the private beaches, and in the evening to the private boat harbor. Along the boat harbor we grabbed food to eat outside, and were surprised when a local parade (drums and local costumes included) started up and went right by at 10:30 at night. It was too perfect!

Port Nassau

But let's be honest... the ports is what we were most excited about! We couldn't wait to get off the ship and into that beautiful, warm, clear water!

Then it was on the ship...

It was a three night Bahama Cruise with Royal Caribbean. The cruise was pretty fun- we made new friends, ate great dinners, found strange towel creations in our cabin, danced on deck, drank (virgin) tropical drinks, went to a comedy show etc...

Girl's Reward Trip

Two weeks ago I escaped to the Bahamas- no kids, no husband- just me and two great girl friends. In the last two plus years my friend Heather and I both had babies and put our husbands through MBA school. My friend Becca also finished her BA degree while working full time. We figured we deserved a little reward! We met up in Orlando Floriday, where we spent our first day/night. We laid out at the fabulous pool, walked around down town Disney and adjusted to the PERFECT weather. "DID WE ACTUALLY DO THIS?" "ARE WE ACTUALLY HERE?!"