Thursday, July 28, 2011

We've moved to Heber!

Where to begin...? It's true. Our primary residence is now in Heber. After we made our last tuition payment we started looking at homes. To be honest, I wasn't too hopeful. Jake and I have gotten picky over the years, and so it seemed that we would never find a home that we liked enough, but also felt like we were getting a good "deal" on- since that's what the housing market is all about these days, right? We found a home in Highland that we really liked, but then timed the commute for Jake. "Twenty-five minutes?! Through State Street and traffic? I could be going up to Heber!"

Jake and I both had always loved Midway and Heber, and had looked on and off in that area before. We decided that if we were going to add to Jake's commute time, it might as well be a drive he enjoyed, and get us into an area we really liked. We found a few homes in the area we wanted to see and went with our agent to check them out. The one I was most excited from the pics online turned out to be a beautiful home, but with a horrible lot, so we went to the other that had only looked interesting online- but it person it blew us away. We walked off the back deck that looked out over the valley and had a creek and pastures behind it and we were sold. Better yet it was a foreclosure and priced the lowest! We submitted an offer at the end of May. After our offer was accepted we found out that getting a loan was going to be much more difficult than we'd expected. We decided not to tell hardly anyone until we knew if the lending was actually going to come through for us. It was a roller coaster. At one point our loan was even denied. But to make a long story short it finally all came though, so we had barely enough time to find renters for our Orem home, pack, move, clean the old house, get utilities lined up at the new house, and turn keys over to our renter all before leaving yesterday for our family reunion in Colorado. I'm so thankful my Mom was here last week. We miss some things about our old neighborhood/location, but love our new home more and more all the time. It's not perfect or over the top, bit just seems to FIT US.

It's nice to have a break from all the craziness while here at the reunion. And I'm sure I'll have much more enthusiasm for unpacking and settling in when we get back. We should have internet installed at the new place Monday- and I will try to post some picture then.