Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh... BTW....

I'm pregnant! If you're on my actual blog page, you'll note I've added a ticker on the side. Some may be hurt I didn't tell them sooner. It's not that I was really keeping it a secret, but after the miscarriage it's been hard trusting my body. Especially because I've been feeling pretty good, and haven't really gained much weight till this last week. But last Tuesday I was able to hear the heartbeat, and now that I'm past the 12 week mark I'm feeling much more confident. Thanks for your love and support!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Josh's first day to first grade

Floating the canal

Ever since we found out people float the canal behind our house Josh has been begging to go down it. So the evening before he started first grade Jake took Josh and Dekker in a small raft, him in a tube there next to them. I picked them up about an hour. They had a blast and can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The view that sold us

When we first walked in to see the home we liked it, but when we walked onto the back deck, saw the view and the stream (okay- so it's just an irrigation canal) we were sold. This last weekend Jake hung our Honduran hammock. I may not have landscaping- but I have a hammock! So here are pics of deck, the view to the south, the view to the north, and the hammock that hangs below.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The kitchen that's grown on me.

After we first looked at the home and were talking about it I told Jake that my only hesitation was that the kitchen was not my dream kitchen, and that I was worried I'd find it to be too small. He assured me it probably felt smaller than it was since it was empty. Well, sure enough the kitchen has grown on me. Okay- so it doesn't have a Viking range and hood, or a double oven with a large walk-in pantry. But I've been pleasantly surprised with how the kitchen fits my needs. It's certainly got more cupboard and pantry space than my old kitchen- and the dinning nook fits my new big table no problem. Plus the cupboards have all kinds of cool organizers built in- which I'm really loving. And I'm having fun learning to cooking on a gas stove again.

Night pictures hide the weeds...

Yeah. No landscaping yet- but this will give you and idea of what the exterior looks like.

I guess I should listen to my kids more...

Today I took the kids to Park City for a little school shopping. the kids got hungry, and so we decided to grab a bite to eat. I was so excited when I found a Kneaders nearby (I love that place). Well, I'd asked all the necessary questions to get the kids' orders in, and was placing mine when the boys started tugging at me saying, "Mom! Mom!" I ignored them, figuring they were just nagging me with the usual "look at this", or "Can we get that too?" But when I finished my order and turned around I saw Naomi gnawing on a loaf of bread she'd somehow got open on one end.... So I turned to the cashier and said, "Looks like I'll be taking that loaf of bread too!" I had to laugh as I listened to the boys saying, "See Mom! We TRIED to tell you!".

Can you blame her though- it is pretty tasty looking stuff!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Evening walks

Last night we went for one of our evening walks and there were three young bucks on the trail ahead of us. Josh ran back for the camera for me. I love seeing Naomi treck through the tall grasses. Here you can see the park that we walk down to- and yes that's Josh and Dekker doing roll races down the hill.

The Bellagio

I have several people anxious to see pictures of our new house. I invite you to just come visit us if you can, as I find it hard to take pictures of the house. I need one of those bubble or wide angle lenses (though my dad is a photographer, I obviously know very little about photography). I will try to take some pics and post them though.

To start off- here are some of the master bathroom and a glimpse of the walk-in closet beyond. And with these comes a funny story. We have nick-named the jetted tub The Bellagio. See, our inspector had said that we would want to run a cycle just cleaning out the jets. Jake and I set out to do this, but its a BIG tub, and was taking forever to fill up. The water line was above the intake valves, but not yet fully covering all the jets. Jake was leaning over the faucet and reached in saying, "I bet I can start the jets now..." I was just about to say "NO, the inspector warned me we shouldn't do that..." but I was too late. He pushed the button and jets from both sides shot up in the air, right at his head and all over the bathroom! I shrieked and ran. Luckily he resisted the urge to run and turned them off. They had only been on for maybe 3 seconds, but our entire bathroom was COVERED in water. We had to pull out tons of towels to mop everything up. We were laughing so hard. Jake asked me what it looked like from my perspective and I told him "The Bellagio!". Don't worry, we've ran it with all the jets completely under water and it works beautifully.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Eight Years!

Last night when Jake came home, we sat down to eat and he thanked me for making dinner, then he gobbled it up and told me how GOOD it was. Then he suggested we all go for a walk. We hiked down to the canal (we don't have landscaping yet, so it's a bitt of a hike) and then walked up the trail. Josh was looking for "discoveries" to write down in his journal (i.e. a bone, a hole, etc). Dekker was picking up and throwing rocks into the water. Naomi was navigating through the weeds and watching the horses on the other side of the canal. Marley was sniffing and running and loving life. Jake and I were admiring the sky, the sunset and talking landscaping ideas. Then we walked back down the trail all the way to the park. The kids played, they had roll races down the hill, then Jake spun them in the air and made them try and stand up and run straight after (none were successful). Then we saw a storm rolling in and so we headed home. It was perfect! And Jake kept pointing that out. Yesterday the stocks plummeted, Warren Jeff's was convicted, job statistics were not looking good- but here at home we are safe, we are happy, and we have love! I'm so happy I made that choice 8 years ago. I look forward to all the years and eternity ahead. Happy anniversary Sweetest!