Monday, November 21, 2011


We got Naomi a play kitchen for Birthday #2. Since it was assembled and would be staying in the basement, we opened presents down there (even though it's still a bit of a construction zone). I worked hard this week to clean, paint and organize the toy room so that we can put the kitchen in her "house under the stairs". It's looking good, but I still have plans for making it a fun little play house. Naomi was really excited about all her presents this year! It was so cute to here say, "Wow!" and "Yay!".

Naomi turns TWO!

I can't believe my little girl is TWO already. Time has gone by so fast!

Josh and Dekker made her the cutest Birthday crown. As our old tradition we usually get a Cold Stone Ice cream cake unless they request something different. Living in Heber makes that a bit more difficult to continue. Because we've also been missing The Chocolate (our favorite local cupcake shop in Orem) I figured I'd better learn to make some fun mini cupcakes. I made caramel-spice with cream cheese frosting- and oh man did they turn out tasty! Naomi still wasn't sure about the flaming candles, so her brothers helped her blow them out.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Basement Bathroom Project

The bulk of our basement is done. Really all it needed was the bathroom and flooring and we had carpet put in the two rooms we want as bedrooms already- but we will be creating more work for ourselves by changing one of the rooms into a half bath, craft room, and wet bar (that is phase 3 and much further down the road). So phase one was to get the bathroom done, phase two flooring and baseboards done through the main room and hallway.

We recently finished the bathroom, and are started installing cork flooring! Here is a photo of the bathroom after we'd put in the floor tile, and some of the finished product.

The mirror is my great grandmothers, and I painted it to match the vanity. I found a hall table with a marble top on KSL, which I picked up for $80. I painted the base and the hardware, had holes cut in the top for the vessel sink and spout, and bought the hardware kit to turn the top drawer into a flip out drawer. Jake had to install the toilet and all the other plumbing fixtures as well as tile. I helped with the grouting, sealing and design work. It's hard to really get good pictures of the fairly small space- but it gives you an idea at least.

We ordered beautiful cork flooring from iFloor for the large main room and hallway and are about half way done with that now too!