Monday, April 23, 2012

Sibling love

Many people say they think TJ looks like Dex! I think Dekker was most excited for a little brother, though Naomi adores him too now that he's here.

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Sunday, April 08, 2012


We took our group pictures with Jake's dad's camera- so I'll have to post those later- but tonight as everyone was leaving I realized I'd failed to take pictures of everyone once again. Nana was snuggling on the couch with TJ though, and so I grabbed the camera, Naomi jumped in and we snapped a few. I thought the lighting and warmth of this one was lovely.

Blessed boy

Today was TJs blessing day. Yep. Easter. Isn't that neat. Jakes mom & stepfather, and dad & stepmother came into town for the blessing. His sister Brea and her husband Tom, Tio & Bryn, and Aunt Trish all came up as well. It was a beautiful blessing for my beautiful boy!


Please look past the crazy hair and mis-matched PJs. My kids woke up and were super excited. The pictures were snapped un-orchestrated. You get what you get!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Conference Weekend

We were so excited to have Garrett, Racheal and Charlie here for a visit! We have had so much fun with them! Sunday we also got together with most of the relatives from the Williams line that live here in Utah, plus the Jeff and Heather Knight family who were visiting! We blew up the bouncy house in the basement for the 19 kids that were all here! It was crazy fun. I'm really sad I didn't take any pictures :(