Monday, October 01, 2012

Back to school!

Before we knew it, it was time to get back into school. Josh started second grade, and just over a week later Dekker started Kindergarten. They are both great students and love school! Naomi has a once a week play group with two other little girls, and we also go to the fabulous reading time/activities at the library here. The boys started fall soccer too- so Titus gets hauled around to all kinds of things!

Other summer activities

To fill in the rest of summer, we had some fun in our newly landscaped front yard, we went to a fun ward activity at a church camp, Jake and I celebrated 9 years of marriage by going to see Wicked, Jake took the boys camping, we went boating with friends and family, and other things I forgot and didn't document. It was one of the busiest, but also most fun summers EVER!

Mom, Denny, and Kari came to hang out too

After being super busy with all kinds of activity (did I mention that Jake took the boys to ANOTHER reunion in AZ one weekend?) I realized I needed to fill the last bit of free days before school starting- so I somehow convinced Mom, Denny and Kari to come down and hang out for a week! It was fun to have them here to spoil my kids, allow me to get projects and errands done, and we also all went to the concert in the park here in Heber one night. These are all photos I stole from my mom- I'm glad SHE at least took some pics!

And another reunion

Not too long after the Bernhardt reunion, we headed over to Vernal for an extended Runyan Family reunion. It's been a lot of years since this group has organized one, but Grandpa Runyan requested everyone make the effort to be there. They actually had every child and bloodline grandchild there. In other words, there were a few spouses and great grandchildren there- but everyone else was there for at least part of the time. We spent time at a nearby park hanging out, playing games, had a talent show one night at the ward building, and everyone had a good time!