Friday, December 21, 2012

Family Christmas Party

We had a nice Christmas party here at our home with My Aunt and Uncle, The Dixons, The Bush's, The Garcias, and Trish. We ate good food, watched the kids perform talents, did a kid's gift exchange and played a few minute to win it games. (I really need to do better at making sure we take more pictures to document these events.)

Josh's Pokemon party (8)

Josh wanted a Pokemon Party this year. We found a website that let's you upload a photo and make your own Pokemon card- so we used that to make his invitations. We played a balloon treasure hunt game (each balloon had different Pokemon character pictures inside), and Pokemon BINGO (which was a huge hit- so I'm glad I went through the trouble to laminate them so they can be used again). We had a Pokeball Cake and Pizza. For party favors and prizes we had a couple pokemon figures/balls, pokemon cards, and pokemon "badges" or pins. It was a huge success, and I think Dekker is planning to do a similar party - less work for me :) !

Another Minnie surprise, and Lucy

Naomi got a fun Birthday package in the mail from Nana. And one shot shows our sweet Lucy with her wrapped pins. Lucy had a broken growth plate in her front left leg, and so she went under surgery to fix it. She is such a sweet dog and member of our family that we really had no choice but to do it.

Ward Christmas party

Our ward does an anual Christmas breakfast- which is so much more convenient than a dinner/night thing. The primary kids sang a couple times, we all had breakfast, and Santa showed up. Our two oldest took the time to talk to Santa- Naomi and Titus clung to Mom.