Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Morning!

Last year was such a party- we weren't sure how this year would measure up. It turned out wonderful in a more traditional way. The kids were all very excited. Josh's faith in Santa was renewed when he brought a Nintendo 3DS even though we'd told him not to count on it. Dekker was thrilled with his new Cars2 racing game for the XBox, and as you can see from the pictures- there were plenty of other gifts to create quite a mess as well. We had chocolate croissants (a tradition, thanks to Papa Ger) for breakfast, stayed in our PJs all day and had Leg of Lamb for dinner. It was one of those cozy at home Christmases that memories are made of!

Other Christmas Events

We had a nice dinner the Sunday before Christmas with Brea and Tom, Elise and Mat, and our family.

And Josh was Santa in his 2nd grade program! We were a bit shocked to find out he'd have a solo with a mike and a bit of a jig- but he did such an awesome job!