Saturday, March 16, 2013

A couple of Birthdays

In February we celebrated a few birthdays! On the 12th I gave Titus his first ice cream cone. On Jake's birthday I made him one of his favorite meals (lamb chops in a balsamic reduction). Then went to Young Women's and sprained my ankle! Yeah, I'm just barely feeling like it's back to normal. Since Dot (who's Bday is the 19th) and Leah were in town for Brea's baby shower that weekend, we had the troops at our house Saturday night for cake and ice cream and presents. Leah brought her kids with her and the cousins had a blast playing together. Naomi and Chloe were two peas in a pod. Naomi adores Chloe and wanted to wear clothes and her hair to match Chloe as much as possible.

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