Saturday, September 28, 2013

More from Washington

We had a great time at Vashon; beach combing, sitting around the fire, relaxing and eating good food.

After Vashon, we got to do the Theo Chocolate tour, visit Brian's office (with a half pipe) and see the Fremont Troll (which I'd somehow never seen before). And that about covers the highlights of our trip to Washington way back at the beginning of June!

My brother took Josh and Dekker for a night or two while I went to spend some time with with "the girls" (plus TJ) at one of my very favorite places... Vashon! 

 Josh and Dex hanging at Uncle B's place!

Then later we invited the boys to join us! It was my kid's first ferry ride:)

My friend Hayley, who I've known since Kindergarten came out to say hi! And here I am holding sweet Olive who I was so happy to meet in person! It was great to finally meet my nephew Beau too!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Time with my WA family

While Jake was in Alaska, I stayed in Washington to visit friends and family, then he flew back to Seattle and we all drove home to Utah.

The first couple days my Aunt Karen let me and the kiddos stay at her place and I was able to meet up with my dear friend Heather who had moved to Issaquah. Our kids had so much fun playing together!

Guys head to Alaska

After the reunion the guys headed up to Alaska for a week. (Don't worry, us girls will get to plan a fun trip when Leah graduates!) They had a great time, hiking, fishing, sight-seeing, and all that other male bonding kinda stuff.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's about the memories

But even though we do all that crazy stuff, it really comes down to just being together and making fun memories. The cousins all LOVE to be together. and Nana loves being right in the middle of it too. Dekker lost his first tooth while we were there, and so that is a great memory as well. And though it's one of the windiest lakes, there was one super calm day, where we got to all go out and canoe or paddle board and just enjoy the beauty!

Rock & Roll

If you've been keeping track, you know that these reunions always have a theme and some fun competitions attached to them. This year it worked out well that Jake and I were in charge, since I am from Washington, and had the sweet cabin hookup! We chose SCHOOL of ROCK for our theme since Rick was graduating from medschool, Leah is in dental school and we all now how to ROCK the education system! Since the cabin is on one of the 7 most windiest lakes, we had kites be our building competition and we had a rock lip-sync competition, polar bear swim, as well as some other small ones.

June 2013

How'd you spend your summer, you ask? Well, Josh complained a bit when he missed the last half day of school again this year (he says he's missed it every year! Oops. Oh well). But since we were heading on a road trip to Washington where he'd get to see tons of is favorite relatives, he didn't whine too much.

Yep, the first two weeks of June were our busiest weeks of the summer I'd say. We drove up to the Pacific Northwest to watch Rick Runyan graduate from medical school. Then all the Run-hardt crew got to spend some great reunion moments at my the Knight cabin on Lake Wenatchee.

We are quite the crazy bunch!