Saturday, December 06, 2014

Trip to California

Our first big trip of summer 2014 was to California. Aunt Trish came with us to help out while Jake stayed home to make sure our new deck was installed right.
It's a long drive, but we made it!
 I finally got to meet Alois in person.

We were even there to spend Father's Day with Papa Ger.

In the mornings we would go for a walk around the lake. Naomi loved collecting feathers.

Then once it had warmed up we would play at the pool. Finding frogs, go swimming, and slack-lining.

After a lunch break (and nap for TJ) we'd head down to the lake again.

We got Josh up on a wakeboard for the first time.

had knee board wars.

got on the tube with Papa Ger.

I got to work on my slalom course.

Then we left Sebastopol and went to stay at Mary's house at Montara beach.

We also went to Maverick's Beach- Naomi had a hard time not picking up EVERY shell she found.

The boys went fishing on the pier.

We broke up the trip on the way by stopping at Lake Tahoe for a night. This is a special place for me, so I was glad to be able to share it with the kids.

Always staying busy

We always find lots to keep us busy in the summer and it fills up really quickly.
Josh played baseball and their team took 2nd in the league!
Living in a small town means fun things like farm days at the local dairy.

Jake and I went with Eatons to the Lionel Ritchie concert.
I loved this note that Dekker wrote for Jake on Father's Day.

We finally got the trim on our shed and finished up that project.
 We went to our ward summer party up at Aspen Lakes.
We got together with cousins to play at a splash pad and get treats at Provo bakery.The boys took golf lessons at Red Ledges too.

School's out!

Before we knew it it was the last day of school and time to let the summer fun begin!

And of course, summer means it's time to pull out the boat!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

A bit more from spring 2014

Josh placed in a golf tournament.

Nana and Great Grandma Brewer came to visit

And of course, Josh took first at the Pinewood Derby Race!

Then signs of spring were around before we knew it.

 Naomi played on her first rec soccer team.
We had beautiful warm weather for spring break this year and were able to get a fun visit from our freinds the Kearns and even get ou on the boat!

 We found nights for fun times around the fire pit.

The kids had a fun easter.

We got to celebrate Trish's birthday.

We got the kids out on bikes.

We'd catch some vitamin D at the park...

and things even started growing in the yard and garden again!