Monday, March 31, 2014

Shed Project

After getting our landscaping in and concrete poured, Jake got started on building a shed. He designed and built it himself- trusses and all. Well, I helped a little with the design since I had fun finding windows, doors and siding on KSL Classifieds. It really was impressive (and at times a bit scary) to watch him put the thing together. The weather got the best of us before we had time to do the paint and trim, but other than that it's done!

Back to School

Then, before we knew it, it was time to head back to school. The boys were first, and then a couple weeks later it was Naomi's turn! As her first year of preschool, she was SO excited to join the big kid club. Sending Dekker to first grade was tough too. First grade is always the hardest on me, they're gone for so long and you don't get to eat lunch with them anymore.
Josh- 3rd
 Naomi- 1st preschool
 Dekker - 1st grade

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Summer 2013 Highlights

Because I'm such a blogging slacker, I'll try and cover the other summer 2014 events in one post!

Jake and I hit the Bareknaked Ladies and Guster concert.
We got our landscaping in!

The Kearns family came to hang out with us!
We enjoyed the great outdoors swimming, camping, hiking, and more!

But it all came to an end too fast!

Belizean Beach

Then we were off to Hopkins Beach. We stayed at Almond Beach Resort. A very different feel and environment, but we loved what it had to offer almost as much as the jungle. We liked going and exploring the local town, one day by bike, one day by golf cart, and one day by moped. Boy were those roads bumpy! The snorkeling was the best we've ever done. We got to see so many kinds of fish, including barracuda, stingray, puffer fish and amazing coral fauna and formations.

In Hopkins we ate out at different places, and I had packed my blender to make smoothies for breakfast! One of the places we ate we asked the owners what nearby things we should do and they suggested we visit "Miss Emma" on her farm. We made and appointment and went out there the next day. Miss Emma was the sweetest thing. We were fed an amazing lunch and then took a tour of her 100+ acre farm picking up lots of fresh produce as we went. (I'd wished we'd visited her first to have better supplied my smoothies!)

We were sad to leave, especially when we saw the small transfer plane we had to take to get back to the international airport!!!

Adventure is out there!

For our excursions while in the jungle we first went on a waterfall cave tour. We hiked into a cave and up 7 small waterfalls, then we had to turn around an jump down them to get out. We got to eat lunch in the cave too. It was honestly one of the coolest things I've ever done. We also went on a river tubing excursion into some other caves where we got to stop and get out and see some old Mayan ritual sites. Our last day there we went to the lagoon on the property for canoeing and found a strong vine where we swung from the trees into the water! We were really sad we didn't have a waterproof camera/recorder to capture more of what we did.

10 Year Anniversary

August 5th 2013 marked ten years since Jake and I were married. Not being pregnant or nursing a baby I was determined to do a fun and romantic getaway. We found the perfect vacation package to Belize! We spent 3 nights at a jungle retreat and 3 nights at the beach with fantastic excursions available at each. I love that Jake and I have such similar opinions on what makes a great vacation. We like comfortable and beautiful accommodations, without being over-the-top, and prefer a bit off the beaten path. We also love trying good local food, and having some time for relaxing, but usually after a good amount of adventuring/exploring/doing. Belize fit the bill perfectly!

The first place we stayed was called "Sleeping Giant" after this mountain range nearby. We had our own little casita with a creek that ran right by it. The grounds were amazing and the on-site food was awesome!