Tuesday, May 06, 2014

3 surgeries in one day!

Would you believe that all of my 4 kids were had herniated belly buttons. TJ's healed on it's own towards the end of his first year, but the older three all kept there bulging belly buttons. Since we met our medical deductible in 2013 we figured we'd better go ahead and get them fixed. I was assured by that it's a very simple surgery, and so decided to do all three kids on the same day. So at the end of October I scheduled it. Luckily the scheduling nurse advised me to have another adult there, and luckily Brea could take TJ, so I wouldn't have to worry about him, and Kari could go with me to help me as the kids were going in and out of surgeries. We went to Primary Children's at Riverton, and the staff and facilities were so nice. It really wasn't too bad, but taking care of three post-op kids was more work than I'd expected. Still, I'm glad we got it done.

(waiting for your kid to wake up from anesthesia is the worst!)

Fall 2013

Fall was football for Josh.

Soccer for Dekker

Karate for both boys.

Hot chocolate for Mini :)

Scooter for TJ

and of course Halloween!

Naomi helped me make her owl costume this year!