Friday, September 19, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house! My cousin Kat and her family came, Karina, Brea & Tom and the McQuigg family came and stayed with us. Kids were in HEAVEN with so many cousins to play with. The girls hit some of the sales in Park City and we ate lots of yummy food!

Naomi's 4th Birthday

It's really sad when you realize you're close to being almost a full year behind on you blog...

Nov. 20th we celebrated Naomi's 4th Birthday. We did TWO parties. One during the day with her little friends, and one in the evening with family friends.

Her friends that came to her little girl's party were: Alyssa, Bryn, Ellie and Alli. They had fun frosting cupcakes, blowing bubbles, decorating wands, and opening presents.

Both Aunt Kari and Garcias joined us for the family party in the evening. Naomi requested a princess cake, and remembering photos of me with a Barbi cake when I was about her age I tried to recreate something similar.

I love this sweet girl Naomi. She brings a compassionate and playful spirit into our home. Here are some of my favorite "Minnie" pictures from our family photo shoot with Brea.