Thursday, November 20, 2014

A bit more from spring 2014

Josh placed in a golf tournament.

Nana and Great Grandma Brewer came to visit

And of course, Josh took first at the Pinewood Derby Race!

Then signs of spring were around before we knew it.

 Naomi played on her first rec soccer team.
We had beautiful warm weather for spring break this year and were able to get a fun visit from our freinds the Kearns and even get ou on the boat!

 We found nights for fun times around the fire pit.

The kids had a fun easter.

We got to celebrate Trish's birthday.

We got the kids out on bikes.

We'd catch some vitamin D at the park...

and things even started growing in the yard and garden again!

Squeezing in a day at the mountain

Dekker got a free day pass as part of his ski lessons, so Jake and were able to take him and Josh up for a day on the slopes before the snow all melted.

Dekker read the first Harry Potter book

When Dekker finished the first Harry Potter book we had to celebrate by dressing up in character and watching the movie! I'm so glad my kids love reading.

The Virgin Islands

 At the beginning of March we were invited to join Trica and Lou Morin on a trip to the Virgin Islands to celebrate Tricia's 40th birthday. It worked out that Jake's mom was already in Utah on her way back from a trip to Arizona- so she was able to stay and take care of the kiddos.

Our first full day there we took a ferry from St. Thomas (where we stayed) to St. Johns. We took a taxi far away from the major destinations and found our own little cove, where I relaxed and Jake waded out fishing.

 See that small atoll in the front? We snorkeled around it and saw tons of fun things!

On another day we chartered a boat with the Morins and three other couples that they knew who happened to be there at the same time. We got to go visit some of the BVI (British Virgin Islands) and saw a GIANT Baracuda while snorkeling.
Famous "corona tree"

We had a day in Orlando on the way home, so we went to Universal Studios. Jake found a Cinnabon, we did our traditional scared and scary face shot, and we felt admitedly a little bad wondering Harry Potter land and drinking Butter Beer without our kiddos. We also found that our stomachs couldn't handle as many big coaster and spinners one right after the other as they used to.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

More February and March 2014

Jake and went out for a nice dinner on his birthday.
 And he got out fishing as soon and as much as possible.
Josh got to play rec basketball with his friend Carter

Dekker took his first ski lessons with friend Logan up at PCMR. Dekker learned really well and loved it!

Josh was doing snowboarding at Sundance, but one day we all got to go together at PCMR.
Papa Ger came out for a visit and I got so snowboard with him too!

Josh had fun wrestling and even placed in his first tournament!

JR Smith Disney program

Josh's school is well known for it's 3rd grade program which is all Disney based. Josh was selected to be Mickey Mouse and a firefly (from Princess Frog) and had some great dance numbers. After the performance though I saw why Josh was selected as Mickey Mouse- all the kids and families wanted to meet and take pictures with Mickey afterwards, and Josh stayed in character and was so patient to pose with everyone. He loved doing it and was sad when it was all over. It also worked out that his cousins were in town and got to come see him, as well as adoptive local grandparents Lyne and Michael McLean.