Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Leaving the Northwest

We had a great time in Washington, but when it came time to say goodbye we got to stop and see the Astoria Column and Garrett's home in Vancouver before catching our plan from Portland back to Salt Lake City.

 It's 164 stairs to the top...... but we made it.

The height made me too nervous to step to the rail edge, but not Josh!

I hope my kids can remember this trip- or that the feelings are at least engraved on their hearts. I know that I will treasure these fun memories forever.

I think the plane ride home was "no big deal" for these seasoned travelers. ;)

Time with Grandma Chris

Then we headed down to Chehalis/Adna to stay with Grandma Chris and Papa Denny where this is always so much to do!

 (home made slip n slide)
 Playing with cousins in a pool of hard wheat.
perfect toddler bed for TJ

Long Beach

Flying kites

Being brave in the cold ocean

"ocho juevos" with Uncle Garrett

tire swing in the trees

Steam train ride

"Choo! Choo!"

I love my mom!!!

Camping out like Uncle Brian!

Checking out Papa Denny's shop and cars.

and riding the lawnmower :)

2014 big summer tip #2- Washington

I was so happy I could take my kiddos to Washington. I want them to know where their mom grew up and have memories at Grandma Chris' house. I was a bit nervous about traveling with the kids by myself (Jake stayed back and worked)- but they were good helpers and enjoyed their first (that they could remember anyway) plane trip.

Because my mom was working on Costco Cookbook for the first couple of days, we stayed up north (our friends the Kearns let us stay at their house even though they weren't there). I got to get together with my good friend Camille and we went to Pine lake to play in the water and under the towering pine trees!

The next day we met up with Erin and Brian and Beau at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle. I'd told my kids we were going to the beach, and so they kept telling I must be going the wrong way as we drove through the city to get there.

(Can I just say I love Josh's beach hair?!)

I love my Bybee fam too!

June+ 2014

I got to go spend the whole week at girls camp. I honestly love girls camp. I think it's such a great bonding experience with the girls, and I love being out in nature and away from electronics!

I enjoyed a wonderful Mother's day:

Naomi played T-ball for the first time:

We got a fun visit from our friends the Kearns Family:

We watched Heber Fireworks on the 4th of July:

and we hosted an adults only summer dinner party!