Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DC day 2

The second day Bryce let us borrow his car. It was a much more sobering day as we went to the veterans memorial, tomb of unknown soldier, watched the changing of the guards, fed some birds while eating lunch, and then went to the Holocaust Museum (extremely powerful!!!) then that evening we had dinner, played games and hung out with our friends the Barrands.

(Sept. 2014)

Washington DC

Jake was invited to go to an expo in Newark with one of their clients. Our friends the Barrands who had been living in NYC and now New Jersey had been trying to get us out there for a visit, so we decided to make a trip out of it. First we stayed a few nights with the Barrands and toured Washington DC. Jake had been there a few times, but it was my first time there. Bryce had the great advice to tour it on bikes. We were able to see SO MUCH MORE that way!

Air and space museum.

Art museums

Bryce our tour guide suggested food trucks for lunch. I had the most amazing falafel ever!

You're not allowed to take picture inside most of the museums. One of my favorites was seeing the declaration of independance and the US Constititution- I did not expect how much that would affect me!

In front of the White House. It was hot and humid, but cruising on bikes made it so much more doable!

(Sept 2014)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Runyan Gathering in Vernal

(Labor Day weekend 2014)

Bybee gathering in Heber

1st and 3rd Grade

Soon it was time for Josh and Dekker to head back to school. I welcomed them home from their first day with cookies and milk. Naomi didn't start preschool for a couple more weeks (while I was in DC and NY with Jake. (Aug 23 2014)

Run-hardt Reunion 2014

I should have taken more pictures at the reunion. We had a great time gathering at Starvation Reservoir. We had a Medieval theme and made catapults, did silly skits, Nana made a kid video with the little ones and we all had a great time.

Packing in summer 2014 fun

We went and checked out animals at the Wasatch County Fair days.Went with cousins to the town parade.
Let Josh go with his buddy CC to the rides one night.

summer shaved ice is a must!

 We even stayed a night up near Ogden and met up with Trish and Riley to go to Lagoon for our first (and probably last) time. There were fun moments, but it was a lot of spinny pukies and grumpy hot weather.

McQuiggs came into town for a dental conference so it was fun to get all the cousins together. Boys went to a RSL game, and the girls went to the aquarium.
 Basically, we looked for ways to wear ourselves out any chance we could!

Harry Potter Birthday Party

My sweet sister Karina comes up with the funnest things. One summer day she called and asked if it would be okay to come up and celebrate Harry Potter's Birthday with the kids. She had all sorts of fun activities- they made a "potion", took a sorting hat test, had other "tri-wizard" type competitions, and we made butter beer and watched the first HP. We LOVE Aunt Kari!!!