Sunday, August 23, 2015

November 2014

We got a hot tub just in time for the cold weather!

Not too long later the first snow layer came.

And Naomi had another dance performance.

Halloween 2014

I love that October always fills up with so many fun Halloween activities.

I think it was over fall break that we decided to make the trek to Thanksgiving Point for Cornbelly festivities.

TJ stood in line for a LONG time just to "drive" this tractor"

Naomi was much more excited about the pumpkin carriage :)

 And Naomi also LOVEd helping me get out the Halloween decorations for our front porch and house.
 We also went up to Park city for trick or treating at the outlets and then a fun little "fall festival" at Redstone.

 Our old neighbors the Trombleys invited us up to beautiful Louland Falls to see the gorgeous property and to carve pumpkins.
 Naomi had a costume dance performance- ELSA costumes were everywhere!
As well as a cute preschool performance.

 Jaake always gets to dress up for their office Halloween day- this year he was Wolverine. Grrr!

Naomi LOVED getting to wear make up with her costume.

Dekker as Rocket-the Racoon

Josh as Hawkeye

And TJ as Spiderman
(I escaped wearing a costume!)

Fall 2014

School and fall got under way fast. I got my Realtor's license and signed with Keller Williams Park City, which required some training, but we still found time for lots of other things as you can see:

big boy haircuts

Soccer and treats

Gracie Garcia's Bday party.

 We love that Rick and Jen moved to Heber in June 2014, and that brings Brea and her cute family to visit us more often too!
General Conference


I love fall in Heber City, UT.


The next day was Sunday. We went to Sacrament meeting with the Barrands, and then they dropped us at a bus stop where we took a 3-4 hour bus ride to NYC. We only stayed one night in NYC itself, because Jake's Expo group paid for us to have a hotel in Newark the following two nights. Taking the bus to/from there was a bit more of an adventure than we thought it would be, but wasn't unmanageable.

We rode the ferry to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and fun NYC skyline.

 We went to the "top of the Rock" for a beautiful night-time view.
 Guy Fierre's restaurant was an easy stop after seeing Lion King.

 Dominique Bakery was delicious!
 Our classic scared and scarry face in front of Lion King Mask

 Gibaldi's Pizza
 Central Park on bikes (with my cousin Josh- why no pic with him?!) Ate dinner at Num Pang per Josh's advice and had amazing corn with coconut and pulled pork sandwiches.
 My day solo I went towards China town and did some souvenir shopping then walked the NYC Highline which was very cool and very pretty (Old raised track line turned garden/walking path).

 I also watched squirrels at Union Square (visited gift shop at Max Brenner) and later, met up again with Josh and went to Magnolia bakery (banana pudding and other yummies).

I loved NYC. I loved the energy, seeing Lady Liberty, the 9-11 memorial, and being able to experience the places you see in so many movies. The subway was crazy, but fun. I was glad I had Jake with me the first two days, so that the day I went back by myself (while he was at his expo) I felt like I'd gotten a handle on things. I was also so happy to get to meet up with my cousin Josh who I hung out with a lot during my BYU days before meeting Jake.

(We stayed not too far from Time Square where we walked to see Lion King)

Jake was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people- EVERYWHERE. We were both overwhelmed by some not so pleasant odors. We both LOVED seeing the Lion King and wished we'd got tickets to even another show. We also both loved all the great food (which, let's be honest, is kinda what we based out days around. Barrands had helped us create a list of good eats!)

(September 2014)