Sunday, October 25, 2015

Easter weekend 2015 and more

What a busy time! We had conference, a dinner at my cousin Natalie's, three egg hunts- one with a lunch at McLean's, my dad came into town, and of course leg of lamb dinner here at home.

Pinewood Derby 2015

In case you didn't know- the Pinewood Derby is a pretty big deal in this house. This was Dekker's first year competing, and Josh's last. Jake was a little nervous about how that would play out since they couldn't BOTH take first place ;)  They all worked very hard on their cars. And both turned out awesome. Dekker's ended up having a bit of trouble with one of his wheels, and so didn't make it into the final round. In the end Josh took first, and we were all happy- Dekker is looking forward to next year!

St. Maartin trip

Magellan had earned the Humana trip to St. Martin. Because Lou and Tricia were gone on another comp trip that same time, Jake and I got to take the trip to St. Maartin!

and we're off!

Humana put us up in The Westin- pretty fancy digs for us!

One day Jake had a "work meeting" to go to- so I snatched the chance to just chill at the beach!

I'd given Jake this Badfisher inflatable paddle board for his birthday- and we decided to take it and put it to good use.

Look at all these conche shells just piled up on the beach!

We had a credit at the hotel- so one morning we ordered room service.

Jake had done all kinds of research on where he could fish. at Marigot Marina we had fun paddle boarding together, and he caught barracuda and Tarpin!

We skipped some of the Humana sponsored activities so we could do our own exploring, but we did go to a couple of the nice dinner events.

Another day we drove to the north point, on the French side to find this awesome hike that had gorgeous views, and took us in to a hidden beach. We even made it back that night for a couple's massage! Such a fabulous day!

We extended our stay, and moved to a small little room near Phillipsberg. I always enjoy finding and attending local wards/ branches when we travel. This was a small little branch with a diverse group of members.

We paddled out at sunset and saw a turtle!


Woke up early and went to this other fishing spot to try and track down bonefish for Jake. We did spot some tails, but they spooked super easy. It was a quiet and peaceful marina to explore though.

Girl's trip!

I haven't posted about all of Jake's guys trips- but between Manzilla, Mexico fishing, Broncos games, and the rest, I decided it was time I get to plan a GIRL'S TRIP! And since I'm the author of the blog- I get to post about it!

I'm a huge NEWSIES fan. I was incredibly obsessed in junior high. I was really excited when I heard there'd been a stage production made, and always wanted to see it. When Jake and I found out we'd be going to DC/NYC I looked into getting tickets- but we were going just after their final Broadway showings and they took it to the road. No worries- I'll catch it on tour. Problem was, they weren't coming to Utah. Once again, this didn't deter me. I planned a little trip to see it in SanFrancisco and brought Trish and Natalie with me!!!

Mary was kind enough to let us stay at her place at Montara, or Half Moon Bay. The weather was gorgeous and we loved the beach and views at the great accommodations.

We had a great time walking around SanFrancisco.

And ate yummy fish tacos by the bay.

Trish found her donut place.

And the show was fantastic! Truly a FINE LIFE!