Sunday, November 15, 2015

2015 Road trip IV (Washington)

On the road again... Since we'd had a bit of a late breakfast and had to check out of our place at the beach I'd packed a lunch for us to eat on the road, but because the drive was so beautiful as we made our way I decided to pull off for a little picnic. It was a random little stop, but so pretty!

We hit traffic through Portland and so made it to Adna house late evening.

These two pretty ladies mean so much to me!

One morning we went and picked fresh blueberries at a blueberry farm. On my birthday I went off shopping and came home to this cute cake they made for me!

 The kids loved playing in the shade of the trees in the heat of the day.
 One day I drove north. I got to have lunch and visit with my friend Heather Kearns and her kids, and then got to see my friend Camille and her kiddos for dinner.

I love my Momma!

Chillin' with Papa Denny.

Man I've got cute kids!

We were stoked when Uncle Brian and Cousin Beau made it down to see us.

And happy when Jake flew in and arrived with Jackstads.

 Cousin time!
 We actually got everyone rounded up for a family photo!

Aunt Kari is the BEST!

It really was a fantastic trip. Jake helped me drive the long drive back to Utah so I'd have company for that longest stretch. Family road trip SUCCESS!

Road trip 2015 III (Crescent City)

I found a great little beach house in Crescent City for us to stay at one night. It had a spectacular view. We watched surfers surf in the sunset. The next morning we got up and explored the beach till we had to check out at lunch time.

2015 Road trip II (Redwood Forrest)

Josh had learned a lot about the Redwood National Forest in 4th grade. On his school class Birthday poster I noticed he answered, "Where would you like to go on vacation?" with "The Redwoods"- so we decided to work that into our trip. I'd been through the redwoods I think as a kid, but had very limited memories, so it was fun to stop and explore with the kids. We found the prettiest little hike, and the kids could have spent longer exploring the forest. Picture really can't capture the enormity of the trees.

Long family road trip 2015 (Sebastopol)

We had so much fun visiting my dad and mom summer 2014 that I really wanted to do it again, but I decided to combine the two trips into one long road trip with a visit to the Redwoods sandwiched in between. Jake couldn't take off that much time at once (especially since he'd just gone to Mexico fishing), and so I decided to do it just me and the kids. There were times I questioned my sanity, but I broke up the drive enough that it really wasn't too bad. So The first leg of the "triangle trip" was to see my dad in Sebastopol.

 The hardest leg was from Elko to Sebastopol, but it was worth it once we got there!
The kids couldn't wait to get into the pool.
 Josh had chipped his front tooth the night before we left. Luckily my dad got us in to Richard Wright there in CA to get it fixed.

 Pretty much every day we would go take a morning walk around the lake, go to the pool, then after lunch go back to the lake for boating, and then have dinner en the evenings. Of course we also found time to smell the roses, check on the chickens, play legos, visit with Sera, Dad and Mary.

We got Josh up on the wakeboard.

 I can still throw a pretty good spray!
And Dekker up on Skis!